What is Affiliate Marketing and HOW Does it Work For Beginners

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2012: The Mobile Marketing Resolution

The year 2011 saw incredible leaps and bounds within the development of mobile channels as a medium for business and commerce. Considering this exciting level of growth, in addition to the vast potential which remains to been seen on the horizon, increasing brand awareness through the use of these channels should be at the top of every marketer’s resolution list for 2012. The term mobile refers to cell phones, smart phones, tablets, and other devices, in which users tend to carry within close proximity for the greater part of each day.

QR Code Qrazy

We have all seen the small pixilated boxes located in advertisements within newspapers, magazines, and direct mail, which more closely resemble something that would be found on a package in a shipping warehouse. But what exactly are these 2 dimensional, cryptic messages, and what do they mean? Quick response codes, or QR for short, represent a quickly growing trend for marketers.

Problems of Traditional Event Marketing and Finding Alternative Solutions

Traditional event marketing methods have taken a backseat. Organizations using traditional event marketing strategies are left behind in terms of products sale and acquiring new customers. In spite of spending millions of dollars on advertising, companies are not being able to generate effective leads as expected or converting them into loyal consumers.

The 5Ps of Marketing: Their Importance and Relevance

Let us discuss the 5 Ps of Marketing. They are the fundamental principles of Marketing Management. Let us discuss what they stand for:

Why Use a SEO Copywriter?

The main benefit of using an SEO copywriter to write web blogs, content or articles for you is because regular, relevant updated content improves Google rankings. The latest popular…

Three Simple Steps to Create Your First Program

If you are just starting out, it might feel daunting to come up with your first program. You could have questions like: What should I talk about? What must be covered? How do I handle difference in people? What steps come first?

Pet Stores Engage Your Customers! How to Use Visual Merchandising to Market to Pet Bird Owners

Pet owners love to buy, and specialty pet stores are one of the fastest growing segments in retail. Even when people won’t spend money on indulgences for themselves, they will spend on all of their pets, including their pet birds! One of the ways you can set your exotic pet bird department or store apart from the big box retailers is through creative visual merchandising.

The Four Types of Business Prospects You Will Meet In Lead Generation

A lead generation campaign is more along the lines of maximizing positive customer response. To do that, you will need to know the kinds of business prospects you will meet.

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