Stop Using These Social Link Sites – $2,513 LOST In One Day!

in this video we are going over link building sites like linktree, linkinbio, and other sites.

NOTE: these sites are not bad by nature… they are actually good tools for what they are made for… however there are certain lessons i have learned as a marketer that have helped me develop better links for use on social media.

when marketing online it is important that whatever link builder you are using you know for sure how many clicks you are getting, what the conversion rate is, and how much control you have over the page and traffic.

whenever you are looking to put a link in bio instagram it is important to know exactly how and why you are driving people to that link and exactly what you want them to do next.

again… wether you are going to use linktree or linkinbio or any other service… make sure you watch this video and my ad writing videos to get the most clicks possible.

watch this entire video at least one time to learn my 7 steps for making your social media links pay.

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