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remember this is a business and your results will vary… actually most people trying to “make money online” earn nothing and some even lose money. follow all rules, guidelines, and laws.

Unique Easter Window Display Ideas for Your Store

Easter is one of those events where you will find a lot of shops displaying their Easter themed products in a bid to attract customers into their store. This is the time of the year where you will see greeting cards and some confectionery like Marshmallow and Chocolate bunnies, Chocolate Easter eggs, jelly beans and more. Even though it has religious roots at the heart, the marketeers have seized on the opportunity as a means to sell more products.

The Rise Of B2B Inbound Marketing

The social media and other network are all agog with the discussion centered on B2B inbound marketing. Is B2B inbound marketing all that attractive? Is the hype about the lower cost leading to high quality sales justified? How do inbound and outbound marketing differ from each other when they are compared with each other?

The Benefits of Regular Email Newsletters for Small Business

When it comes to numbers, emailing is still the biggest social network online. No one who uses the internet does not use any email. In fact, it remains one of the first things that anyone would have to enter when signing up online, either for their social networking account, or signing up for any website they want to be a member of.

3 Of the Best Offline Business Development Strategies

There are multitudes of marketing strategies, both online and offline. However, the very best and most effective strategies, which you have the most control over, are those that target your ideal clients directly.

Master Data Management for B2B E-Commerce

While comparing the amount of data collected by B2B retailers today, to that a decade ago, we find that there has been a great change in two aspects? Volume and Variety. Back then, very little product data was collected and it focused largely on the storage and delivery of products; whereas, today the data encompasses every activity concerned with the product. For example, if a supplier delivered a truckload of files in the pre-ecommerce era, the volume and variety of data being dealt with by the supplier would be limited to a few product and delivery details. Today, with the advent of integrated ERP systems.

How to Win at Membership Marketing

In today’s economy many large corporations, small businesses, and even non-profit organizations are struggling with how to win at membership-based marketing. The name of the game has changed. The days of mailing a membership renewal from or simply extending an invitation has become less effective. New tools and information are now available making membership marketing much more competitive. Yet winning at membership marketing is obtainable. Here are some suggestions.

Find Yourself Adding Items to Your To-Do List Just so you can Feel the Joy of Crossing them off?

Technology has made it easier for us to accomplish more in a day than was possible 10 or more years ago. I believe that the development of software, devices and apps has increased pressure and wired us to multitask a little too much. As a business owner or sales executive, the daily business demands alone can wear you down, not to mention personal and/or family responsibilities that we all have.

The Benefits of Using a Reading Device

In the old days, when people went anywhere, they usually had a bag filled with books that they could read on the commute. They always wanted to take more than one book just in case they finished the first one during the journey and they had nothing to do. If they ran out of books, they would say that their journey was a disaster and they were bored the whole way there. To take all the books they needed, it meant that they would have to carry a very heavy bag.

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