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What Is Appreciation Marketing?

Appreciation marketing is one of the most underrated and forgotten aspects of good customer service and marketing now that almost the entire economy has turned to digital channels. Once considered a staple of every major business and company’s marketing system, appreciation marketing kind of fell by the wayside as outbound marketing died and inbound marketing took over. But now, many savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are starting to realize that appreciation marketing was such a good idea back then because it still works now.

Surprising Business Success Lessons From Candy Crush Saga

I will admit I cannot get through most days of the week without a little Candy Crush. In my defense, it’s one of the few ways to make long subway rides in Manhattan bearable! The other day, though, I was quite surprised at what Candy Crush taught me about succeeding in business.

Organising Pop Up Events

One off events tend to be hugely popular providing the marketing is done properly. Learn more in this article.

10 Ways Appreciation Marketing Will Help You Get More Business

Appreciation can be a great marketing strategy for your business. It has an effect on retention, referrals, and revenue. Even though it may seem a simple thing, it has a big impact on your business.

Is It Time to Refine Your Marketing Plan?

Your marketing plan is finished… or is it really? As I said before, it’s tough to know exactly when it’s truly done. The more you edit and refine, the better your plan will be.

How to Make the Shift in Business Growth From Start Up to Leverage

As your small business grows beyond the start up phase, you become very busy. You calendar is close to being full or is jammed. This may lead to thoughts like, “How long can I keep doing this?” You look into the future and realize you probably won’t be able to grow beyond the hours in a day, feeling stretched into the next three to five years. Yet, you still want to grow your business and work on client attraction. How do you make a shift in business growth like this?

Creating The Perfect Exhibit Stands For Your Business: What To Keep In Mind

Trade shows are great for business. Knowing how to create the perfect stand for your establishment, and knowing what to keep in mind, is extremely important. Often, you get to interact with a lot of your existing clients as well as a few new customers from time to time.

Using Hospital Lists to Attract Potential Prospects

Hospitals are a larger institution which has greater records to be organized and managed for the day to day data management and documentation. A company has to work for different institution ranging from educational, political, civil, defense to medical. Therefore, each product services and the means to propagate their ideas will certainly vary.

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