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What to Know About Guerrilla Marketing

Do you have any idea about Guerrilla Marketing? Well, if you have no idea, here are some important things to know about it. First of all, Guerrilla marketing refers to an advertisement strategy that normally focuses on actually low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that usually yield maximum results. Originally, this type of marketing was known to be inspired by the guerrilla warfare which was a form of an irregular warfare and more so relates to the small and recommended strategies that was used by the armed civilians.

How a Text Messaging Service Can Help in Reducing Costs

One of the main reasons why companies prefer using a Text Messaging Service is because it helps in reducing its expenditure. One such area where cost cutting plays an important role is marketing campaigns.

Is Social Media Marketing the New Black? 5 Ways to Use Social Media for Market Research

Social Media marketing has become the rave for reaching the consumer in a hurry. But what about Social Media Market Research? In this article I explore 5 ways to use social media as an engagement and marketing research tool to gain insights about your customer.

Web-To-Print Workflow Management Solution Helps To Enhance Customer Experience

Print management services today need the full range of procurement and production capabilities that should encompass customer experience, user interface and usability, web-to-print, multi-channel distribution, social intelligence analytic, and, integration with CRM & ERP applications within the enterprise. Print management technology provides an automated, cost effective, and consistent way to create, print and deliver the information in multi-channel formats.

Attention! Is This Headline Working?

Without a headline that truly attracts the types of customers you are looking for, your product or service will just remain hidden. How do you feel about that? How often is it happening to you and your business?

Payment Plans: How to Make Installments Work for You and Your Clients

When your service fees run in the thousands, one thing that can help your prospects say “yes” is to allow them to make payments. Sometimes business owners find this problematic. There can be confusion because when clients don’t meet deadlines or put off decisions, they feel they can’t collect the payment as originally agreed.

Customer Experience Strategy Is Uncommon

Customer experience strategy is often confused with a program or technology or a set of tactics. A true strategy includes shared vision, carefully selected choices on where to play and how to win, and shared responsibility for creation, communication, and implementation of the strategy. Most companies have not yet achieved these criteria in what may be referred to as “strategy” for customer experience.

Importance of Downstream Marketing in Product Launches

Most companies feel that new products are the lifeblood of a strong company. This is referred to as upstream marketing. However, your marketing efforts cannot end there if your new product is going to be successful.

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