Scary Pay Per Call Niche Revealed ($485 A Day?) this was in my office!

here is a cool tutorial on pay per call affiliate marketing and simple PDF files… yes you can create simple pdfs and send people to offers that pay you money.

i found this crazy scary niche yesterday when i was replacing the floor in my office… you won’t believe what i found and how much money it is making.

pay per call affiliate marketing is where you get paid when your visitors call a custom number… its like an affiliate link but a custom number for you as an affiliate… you will see five killer niches that this works in.

you can create your pdf around something people are looking for help on… like how to reports and stuff like that.

how to create money getting reports in minutes… plus you can download my free template for using your reports to drive people to affiliate offers.

Communication and Value Are Essential for Your Exhibition Stand Provider

The purpose of exhibition stand contractors is to offer you a chance to get your business recognized and to entice consumers. They have to bring it all to life with concepts and with creativity.

Find the Best Contractor for Your Trade Show Needs

Finding the best trade show stand contractors for your needs is important. This is a fantastic way to get your business in the spotlight. Yet you will be at locations where there are many other businesses too.

What Will Your Exhibit Look Like?

Going to trade shows can be a wonderful way to show people what you have to offer. Not just randomly people, but those who already have a vested interest in the types of items you offer.

4 Ps of Social Marketing Strategy for a Good Cause

We are all familiar with the traditional 4 “P’s” of marketing – Price, Product, Place and Promotion. The transformation is incremental. Kimberly Kadlec, former VP of global marketing at Johnson & Johnson, endorsed a fresh set of 4Ps for the Social Business, which she called Purpose, Presence, Proximity and Partnerships.

The Power of Using the Winning Marketing Angle and How to Get It

In this article, the importance of including a marketing angle in any marketing and communications campaign is highlighted through a simple example. A marketing angle tricks the consumer’s mind into choosing one product over others in the competition.

Recipe To The Success of A Breakthrough Fitness App

This article attempts to describe the key elements to take into account to build a mobile app that perfectly serves the fitness requirements of people. Undeniably, mobile healthcare and fitness apps development soared in the recent years, making huge scopes for people to embark into a healthy living.

4 Powerful Reasons to Opt for a Mobile App in eCommerce Business

This article is going to pinpoint a few persuasive reasons to enlighten you why mobile applications are vital for eCommerce businesses to sustain successfully in this vying business market. Long gone are those days when using smart phones was a part of leading a luxurious life. Nowadays, most of the tech-savvy people owns smartphones and tends to do most of the things using it.

5 Killer Reasons Every Cafeteria Need to Have a Mobile App

While the mobile industry is mushrooming and mobile applications are becoming indispensable in businesses, this article turns to show why an app is necessary today for every cafeteria business out there to increase their footfall. Revolution in the mobile industry is in full-swing and apps are no longer an option for big-budget companies, but viable for almost all types and sizes of businesses.

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