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Price, Sales Volume and Costs – Your Three Key Variables to Greater Profitability

There are three key variables in any business that directly impact on your profitability. They are cost, price and sales volume. A small change of just 1% in each of these variables can have a dramatic effect on your profitability. This article explains why.

What Newt Gingrich Can Teach Your Business About Turning Around Negative Reviews

Newt Gingrich, a Republican running for his party’s nomination to run for the President of the United States was thought to be down and out just a few months ago. This was due primarily to two reasons…

Build a Rock Solid Relationship With Your Clients

Communicating with clients is an art in and of itself, in my book. Demonstrating genuine empathy and listening for their true wants and needs is a vital skill for any interior designer and for building a solid relationship with clients. And how to do that? I’ve listed a just a few of the ways you can strengthen your client relationships below –

How To Offer A Free Treatment Or Product And Make A Stack Of Money And Increase Your Client Base!

In this article I want to show you how you can offer a free check-up, treatment or product and make a stack of money and increase your client base as well! This is a fantastic technique that when done properly results in amazing practice growth, practice awareness and increased recognition…

Why You Should Guarantee What You Do!

In the previous articles, I covered how you can decide upon the right fee for your services and then how to go about charging it. In this article, I want to discuss why you should decide to introduce and implement a money back guarantee for your patients. Why do I feel so strongly you should consider using a guarantee? Because guarantees overcome any form of sales resistance and boost your practice!

USB Flash Drive Pens As A Great Gift Idea

Thanks to advances in technology, the USB flash drive has replaced other data storage devices such floppy disks and CD-ROMS. Although they are smaller in size, they have a lager capacity to store and transfer data more efficiently and much faster. Many companies are now integrating the USB Flash drives into other commonly used items such as watches, key rings and pens. Anyone looking for great gift ideas should consider using the USB flash drive pen since it is guaranteed to delight the recipient of the gift.

10 Ways to Market Your PR Firm

Do you operate a public relations firm that needs more visibility and customers? This type of business is necessary for both online and offline businesses, but how do you market your PR firm offline? Here are 10 ways to consider as you use the skills your sell to others to market your own firm.

The Schizophrenic Business: A Sign of the Times?

Not so long ago, businesses had a limited number of ways to reach consumers. There was print, TV, radio and the usual networking at events. Today, there is web-based, traditional, satellite and Internet radio and TV; print, mobile and social networking. Businesses have a myriad of ways – and even more options – by which to engage consumers.

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