How To Make Money With Amazon Product Reviews

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3 Ways to Determine Your Target Market

One thing that you must realize as a business owner is that everyone is not meant to be your client. As a small business owner, you’ll want to fill your calendar up with, or make sales to, those who will actually benefit from your offerings most. I’ll assume that you started your business because you enjoy what you do. Working with the wrong clients, and/or not being able to find the right clients, is one way to quickly change those feelings. In this article, I am sharing 3 of the top questions you’ll need to answer to help you find your target market.

Midsized Company Content Marketing – What Should Your Message Be?

Content marketing discussions among B2B, B2C and nonprofit marketers continue to take center stage, with a host of different tactics employed. Most frequent are social media (other than blogs), articles on your website, enewsletters and in-person events. While which of these many tactics to use is one question, equally important is what should the message be. Market research among customers and prospects can be of major help in answering that question.

What Should Your Marketing Do? Are You Really Giving Your Prospects The Information They Need?

What should marketing do for you and your company? Is it branding? Is it somehow forming a connection between your prospect and your product? Is a mystical ‘black box’ that you pour money into and (like the magic ball) wait for an outcome? Take the test to see whether your marketing and sales efforts are truly bringing your company all the business you want to have.

How to Find Clients and Fill Your Programs Through Networking

If you are ready to start offering live seminars in person, you might wonder how to find clients and fill seats. When I was building my business, I relied on networking to fill my workshops. BNI (Business Networking International) was a mainstay for me, since it offers weekly networking to build a referral team. This international organization has chapters literally all over the world, with some cities offering multiple meetings.

Marketing Principles That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Keep in Mind

Are you planning to engage in a new business? In that case, you will need to take note of some good marketing principles to convince your target market that you’re the one they need. Want to know more about this topic? If so, read on…

Why Do Businesses Use Online Marketing?

Many business owners want to profit from their ROI (Return On Investment) and break even. This is done by registering the brand name of their product or service. And it is to their advantage to get local recognition for the product they want to sell or service they provide.

Reaping Rewards for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can work greatly for your business if you know how to do it correctly. If you want more visibility online and more traffic to your site or blog, guest blogging is a good place to start.

The Amazing Secret of Selling Money at a Discount

Selling anything is about showing people that what you have is worth more than the money they’re asking for it. In many cases, especially with business opportunities, you’re actually selling them money at a discount.

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