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Guerrilla Marketing – Top Flyer Promoting

Marketing directly to the public in entertaining and informative ways is the latest innovation sweeping the marketing industry. From PR stunts at festivals to the flyer drops of street marketing, guerrilla marketing is an advertising force to be reckoned with.

Five Sure-Fire Steps To Lose Your B2B Leads

Earning the trust of B2B leads is one thing, earning their ire is another. And there are so many ways for you to do the latter. Read on to know what some of these are.

How Companies Should Market To Ethnic Consumers

Ethnic consumers have tremendous buying power! Companies that pay attention and implement long-term ethnic marketing initiatives will come out on top. Read here about how companies can market more effectively to ethnic consumers and gain profits.

Required Information on Which to Build Your B2B Marketing Strategies

This article discusses the marketing strategy and planning process in a Business to Business environment. It discusses the need to take a step back from the business and to answer some basic, fundamental questions rather than to simply focus on short term issues such as products and competitors.

Working With an Out of Town Agency: 5 Tips

When choosing your company’s marketing agency, you may find that the best fit isn’t local, but out of town. Out of town may be an hour away or 3 states over and today’s technology facilitates creating healthy and productive partnerships in such situations. When working with an out of town marketing agency, the same rules apply as in town, but are executed a bit differently.

QR Codes: Barcodes on Steroids?

Have you ever wondered what those square images on some products, advertisements or on a register receipt that resemble a maze made out of miniature black and white squares are? This icon is a datamatrix code called a QR Code. Since the inception of commerce in the marketplace, retailers managed to keep some type of tracking system to help regulate and categorize their inventory.

How to Use Your Proprietary System With Clients

Have you already created your proprietary system? If you did, congratulations! That will make your marketing so much easier.

Having the Right Signs Made for You

When it comes to the construction of signs there are a whole lot of things that may need to be considered before one choose to hire any company to take care of the project. It can take some time for you to decide on the specific logo that you would have built into a sign, and various other factors such as the materials that will be used in the design of the sign will need to be taken into account. Thus, it is always a good idea to approach a job like this carefully, making sure that you are well…

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