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6 Things You Must Consider Before Re-Printing an Article

There are many benefits of re-printing an article. However, if you are new to the idea of re-printing a previously written article, you must educate yourself a little to avoid any kind of violations of copyright infringement. The following 6 tips explain some factors you should be aware of.

Let Your Art Meet the Masses With Online Press Releases

A press release is not just for major government news or celebrity gossip, artists and other creatives use press releases to expand their exposure and bring their work to the general public. If you have a newsworthy event such as a show, a write up on it will help gain exposure and promote both your work and the event in the process. This article will discuss why and how press releases help creatives as an online marketing tool.

When a Freelancer Needs to Fire Their Client

Firing a client is something that’s either unheard of by freelancers or tends to be considered taboo. While it’s never good to go out of your way to fire a client, it shouldn’t permanently be dismissed from your mind. Sometimes no amount of money is worth the hassle or disrespect that some clients may bring.

Tips For Opening Your Own Restaurant

Having your own business is a dream of a lot of people. For those who love food, have backgrounds in catering, have worked in the food industry, and the likes, opening their own restaurant seems to be the logical choice. However, having your own restaurant is very different from cooking for a small dinner party or from offering catering services in alabang. It can be difficult and challenging especially at the start, though it should gradually get better as you get the hang of it. Below are some tips to hopefully help make things a bit easier if you plan on starting your own restaurant.

Six Key Ways To Make The Most Of Your Table Top Displays

Leveraging a few marketing strategies can help ensure your business is making the most of its table top displays. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Your Environment Is Critical To Your Success!

Are you working in clutter in your office? Have you actually moved to a different working space just so you can spread out, breathe, think and function effectively? When there is chaos on the inside, there is chaos on the outside. For me, I always know I am facing a challenge of some kind when I stop, look around and realize there is chaos in my office. Chaos on the inside leads to chaos on the outside – but the reverse is also true, I find.

PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) – What Is It and How to Get the Best Out of It?

Besides being an online marketing expression, PPC is also a name for sponsored search. PPC refers to search engine advertisements based on the cost-per-click model. Advertisers place a bid based on keywords, and pay when their ads receive click(s).

5 Tips to a Better Website

Having a website is an important part of your marketing plan. However, developing a website sometimes seems complicated and overwhelming. Here’s a few tips you should follow to create a website that’s easy to use and will keep your clients coming back.

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