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Part 1: how web urls work

Part 2: simple way to make money with the script

PrePop And Aweber

Part 3: the bigger picture

Part 4: making money

you can use this to prepopulate offers
automatically put stuff in boxes of forms
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make sure the affiliate offers allow prepopulating and make sure you follow all rules and TOS of offers and pages you create with this code.

Trade Show Exhibiting Management – Invest Your Time and Gain Acceptance

In a 1993 psychology paper and in his 2008 book, “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell claimed that it took roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Mr. Gladwell’s message – people aren’t born geniuses; they get there through effort – was seized upon by popular culture.

Aspects That Drive Startups to Invest in iPhone App Development

This article emphasises on the aspects that signify the benefit of developing iOS applications over Android applications. A mobile app has become a key marketing tool for businesses in this age of mobility. However, with such a range of mobile platforms, it becomes a bit intimidating for startups with limited budget constraints to decide on which option to invest for app development.

What Trump’s Campaign Taught Trade Show Exhibitors

While the Clinton campaign went about the more traditional tasks of evaluating past voter analytics, developing messaging and using research tools like focus groups and polling analysis to develop their positioning statements, Donald Trump was out in the field making human contact at hundreds of live events, learning firsthand what was on people’s minds and in their hearts. The results of Clinton’s campaign development in the end was not really being in touch with the hearts and minds of voters, while the Trump campaign at every event gathered key research data…

Merits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

When you hire a Digital Marketing Agency you don’t need to stress of promoting your business as you will have left the work to advertising specialists. They give an extraordinary help to building up the business in different angles. Moreover, they reduce the worry of the entrepreneur. Since enlisting a advertising agency, isn’t something to consider joke. You should invest some energy to get fitting data about the organizations you choose to work with and what decisively would be the extent of their work.

How Mobile Apps Help Small Businesses to Stimulate Growth

This article lays an emphasis on how mobile apps help small businesses in improving customer acceptance and revenue generation. What strikes to your mind while hearing the word ‘app’? Something that makes your life simple or just an add-on to your phone? Small business owners mostly don’t give much importance to the task of building mobile apps.

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills! (That Gold Is in Your Customer List)

One of must valuable assets is your Customer List, yet few use it to advantage. There is a wealth of knowledge there – geographic, demographic, buying history, likes and dislikes. Mine that list right and you’ll strike a mother lode of gold

The Greatest Marketing Story Never Told

This was a story told to me by an old vendor who watched an appliance salesman become a multi-millionaire. it came by a chance meeting with a soon to be famous doctor and the part this man had in making this doctor an every day household name.

7 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Expressive

How you work and how that work stand out from the rest of the presentation design companies. So, skip out the unnecessary information and focus on the services you offer.

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