Earn Your First $1,000 Online – How To Get Paid Fast

Make Money Doing Nothing – Yea Right!

after you watch other videos and find out that making money doing nothing does not work… take a minute and learn how to earn your fist $1,000 online as an affiliate marketer, dropshipper, blogger, social media influencer, or even just sharing links online.

in this training marcus will be giving you a real world road map of what you would need to do to earn your first $1000 online.

you will learn how many other “gurus” are teaching things the wrong way and keeping you stuck and what you really need to do to make this business work for you.

affiliate marketing and making money online are not hard business but they do take strategy and consistancy.

in this talk you will learn

– how affiliate marketers get traffic
– how affiliate marketers get paid
– what to promote and what not to promote
– what to expect from your work
– how to create a strategy for succcess
– PLUS we will go over some niches to show you what it takes

Is Your Sales Team Inbound-Ready?

Inbound Sales is the process of focusing on individual buyers and their personal needs, pain points, what keeps them up at night, frustrations and goals; as an Inbound salesperson, it is essential that you prioritize the buyer’s needs before your own. Before you can sell anything, you have to understand who your buyers are, which is a difficult but crucial task: nowadays buyers are more equipped than ever with information about companies, but sales people don’t have a similar level of insight into their prospects. Bridging that information gap will help you close more leads; therefore, the most important task on the way to…

Here’s An Easy Way To Increase Your Sales

Want An Easy Way To Increase Your Sales? Work your customer list. Sounds sooooo simple and easy but very few small business owners do it. A house list is one of the best sources of profit building, hands down.

Your Market Doesn’t Want To Read Another Hyped-Up Headline

Hyped-up headlines have become so trendy today by all the “online gurus/experts”. It’s no wonder many business owners fall for this fallacy, bore their market to death and make ’em indifferent to their brand before they read one word of content. This article will show you how direct marketing legends come up with their headlines.

Mind Your Marketing Manners

What bothers you in the new world of marketing online and off? Let’s take a stand for respect, listening, and connection. All of those things fall under an old fashioned idea-manners. Manners may seem old fashioned but when you want to build lasting relationships they are as important now as ever.

Content Creation for Non-Writers, Procrastinators, and the Stuck Among Us

The reason to create content in the first place-and all content need not be written-is to provide value to your readers, listeners, viewers. If you are going to write, take the time to write well. If your brain is a dusty dry patch of nothing on the day your weekly missive is due, ditch your usual way of connecting and have some fun.

Seinfeld’s Soda Machine Theorem of Converting Your Prospects Into Buyers

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the car dealership, where Jerry is looking to buy a new car in a dealership from Puddy, his mechanic and Elaine’s boyfriend at the time (George does a hilarious candy bar lineup, but I’ll talk about that one another time). Anyway, Elaine is trying to break up with Puddy, and she’s trying to convince Jerry (and herself) that their relationship has finished in one mighty blow. Jerry says there’s no way that’s possible and that: “breaking up is like trying to tip a soft drink machine over – you can’t do it with…

Nurturing Techniques To Raise Your B2B Lead Conversion Rates

The most difficult thing to achieve is conversions in B2B, marketing professionals are of the view that their biggest challenge is to convert leads into customers without knowing their lead conversion rate. Conversions are the money makers or the cash cows of B2B marketing, and it is from them, that the cash flows in. Running a lead generating campaign is easy, but if leads don’t convert into business opportunities and those opportunities are not turned into deals, it is not worth the effort.

Trump’s Sneaky Little Marketing Tricks

Trump has been trumping a lot lately about whether Obama was born in the U.S. or not. Some may ask themselves – who cares? Well, if you want to learn a thing or two about marketing, then you should care – just watch the big man in the white house – he’s one of the best self-marketers around.

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