Crazy Sidehustle Turn $8 Into $1,500? #shorts

Crazy Sidehustle Turn $8 Into $1,500? #shorts

this is a video showing a domain i just sold this morning.

here are some other domain videos:

$15K Domain Haul – Resell This!

FULL Domain Flipping Course (godaddy + expired tutorial)

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

Direct Sellers – Can We Really Trust Another Brand’s Reputation?

If you’re not sure about another brand’s reputation, do your research. Lessen the risk of damaging your brand’s reputation in the future by knowing what’s there now. You, personally, need to have a baseline of where an association with a brand begins and what they bring to the table.

Best Online Marketplace

An assortment of e-commerce sites are available online and act as the best platform where B2B business takes place effectively around the globe. The cutting edge of a seller or a buyer is to choose where they (seller) have to place their product or where they (buyer) have to place their order for a particular commodity or service. Online retail operations takes place faster and more conveniently when people who posses similar trade profiles meet at the best online marketplace.

Speakers and Coaches – A Perfect Niche for Virtual Assistants

Looking for the perfect niche for your virtual assistant business? Consider targeting speakers and coaches. It’s a perfect fit.

Application Marketing – Interactive and Effective Marketing Technique

Application marketing is considered by many to be the most effective and interactive marketing technique ever invented. Unlike website marketing which requires pushing your information onto customers and clients, App marketing allows customers and clients to interact in ways that websites just don’t allow. Understanding and making use of these marketing techniques will ensure that your App becomes the most effective marketing tool in your arsenal.

Do You Make These 5 Social Media Mistakes?

Personal Brands are taking their brands online as a marketing strategy. It’s easy to set up and is designed to be user friendly. The space is really enticing but there are hazards when taking your brand on social media sites. If you have social media sites, check out this five common social media mistakes that businesses are committing when taking their business online.

Adelante 2012!

The “why” is so important. There’s an important statement that I want to leave you with which was shared with me by a dear friend.You can manage what you’re doing, schedule your activities, get more organized, get more time and get your life back….just make sure that you have a life to get back to.

How To Thrive Online As An Affiliate Marketer

There is no denying that the Internet has made many people rich in a short amount of time including affiliate marketers. Opportunities are abundant in the information marketing arena where the payoffs can be lucrative if you know where to look, who to partner with, and how to play the game.

Never Compromise Your Business Services – Some Thoughts On The Latest Discounting Craze!

There is a significant difference between a temporary cost savings and a discounted service and there may also be significant differences between apparently identical treatments offered by different providers at a discount. So, comparison shopping can be very misleading – before you compare prices, be sure you fully understand what service – what quality of service – you are comparing.

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