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How to Introduce Spirituality Into Your Business

Years ago, I felt like I was living a little bit of a lie. Everything I put out there on my website was focused strictly on business, both client attraction and marketing. However, when you get more familiar with my work, you can start to see what’s on the inside: my spirituality.

The Uses of Personalised Ribbon in the Hospitality Industry

Branding is extremely important in the hospitality industry and so is presentation. Personalised ribbon can help with both. It can have the name of the business and its logo plus additional details and decorative elements printed on top. It has a range of decorative and practical uses. Find out what these are and how your business can benefit from them.

How Social Proof Can Improve Conversions For Your Squeeze Pages

Converting visitors into paying customers is about credibility, especially in terms of buying specific products. Before a potential online buyer can decide whether your product or service are a more sensible choice as compared to your competitors’, they need proofs – to get them excited, they have to hear past customers discussing their personal expertise in making use of your products, indicating mostly the benefits.

How Buddha Marketed Himself

Gautam Buddha’s life offers examples for today’s marketing professionals. Buddha’s marketing strategy could indeed be the envy for the best marketing companies world over. He did not have technology and social media to support over 2500 years ago. He did not conduct any promotional or marketing activity, yet His fame continues to grow. In fact it has been growing viral for the last 2500 years. Here are the secrets of His marketing success.

How Many Ideas Should a Piece of Marketing Should Have?

Creating effective marketing is the goal of every business. But how can you be sure your message is strong enough to be heard? This article looks at marketing and the number of ideas you should cover in every piece you write.

Challenges of Modern Marketing

Online marketing in modern times faces unique challenges. From capturing interest to using social media, marketing involves careful planning of the marketing department along with top ad agencies.

Should I Put My Prices on My Website?

There is some debate about whether or not you should put your pricing on the web if you want to get clients. The decision depends on what you are offering and the price of the packages. For example, if you offer products that are immediately downloadable or fulfill by mail, then pricing is obviously needed. People can’t buy if the price and a “buy now” button aren’t available.

Businesses Should Consider the Customer Experience When Designing Their Websites

Your business website is for the convenience of your customers. If you have a bricks and mortar business you would never dream of hiding stock or making the checkout procedure infuriatingly complex: so don’t do it with your website. Businesses trading in the virtual world can learn a great deal from their real world cousins.

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