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How to Utilize Shareable Words in Your Social Media Campaigns

The words you use in your social media marketing campaigns will have a huge impact on your ROI. To understand exactly why, it helps to approach the problem from a psychological standpoint.

Is Your Website Confusing Potential Clients? Make Sure Your Niche and What You Do Are Obvious.

If I go to your website, will I be able to tell within seconds what you do and who you work with? And when I say who you work with, I mean your ideal client. Is it obvious to a potential client, or is your website confusing?

How Product Managers Are Solving The Missing Football Fan Problem

The most popular and profitable sport in the world is U.S. NFL Football (sorry European football fans). However, just because you own a franchise in the most popular sport does not mean that you are generating as much money as you might hope to. There’s always a possibility that not enough people are showing up at your stadium on game day to watch your (possibly losing) team play. What’s a football team owner to do?

Why Creating Great Content Is The Only Online Marketing Strategy You Need To Follow

Are you struggling in your online marketing efforts? Maybe you’re not creating enough great content. In this article, I’ll explain why creating great content is the only online marketing strategy you need to follow and how to create great content.

Increase Sales and Distributors With Replicating Websites

When it comes to selling a product or service, there are many means of doing so-especially with the help of the internet. Replicating websites is one of the best ways to bring in new business and make generating leads simpler and easier than ever.

Measuring Marketing ROI – Advice and Resources

The importance of measuring marketing ROI cannot be overstated. Without it how can you know if all the time and resources you expend on marketing are generating any meaningful results? In this article we suggest some of the key items to measure and some useful tools and resources.

Why You Need Your Logo Design on Your Paper Carrier Bags

It is time to make your business stand out from the crowd. You can do that by putting your logo design on your paper carrier bags.

Top Three Strategies for Pricing Your Information Products

Deciding on pricing for your products or service packages depends on several things. Here are my top three strategies for selecting the right prices for your business.

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