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More Companies Are Providing Promotional Bags for Customers

When people are shopping, they may want to use something other than plastic bags to haul their groceries. The promotional shopping bags are something that are growing in popularity.

Prada Product Managers Try To Recover From A Stumble

I must confess that I’m not that much into women’s handbags; however, even I recognize what brands are the most desirable in this category. Prada has always been in the lead. What woman wouldn’t kill for this season’s Prada bag? This is just the way that it’s always been. However, lately even the Prada product managers have run into some problems. Can they recover from their stumble?

The 7 Steps to Expert Positioning: Step 1 – Know the Battlefield

Why is “Positioning” so important? It’s because Positioning is the starting point of all great marketing. The first step to Positioning is – Know the Battlefield. Read this article to learn and profit!

The Modern Face of Marketing

Marketing has been around for a very long time and without incorporating marketing into your overall business strategy, nobody will know about you and about your brand. Obviously, marketing is an absolute necessity. However, it is important to realize that marketing has gone through several phases over time and it doesn’t necessarily resemble its former self.

Where Are You Being Ordinary?

If you want to see massive changes and growth, a few small changes in your business can make you stand out and help to change the results you’ve been getting. Here are 7 easy ideas to take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

2015 Content Marketing Strategy Suggestions

Content marketing is a great way to communicate your message, values, branding, etc. Here are some tips to try out in 2015.

How to Guarantee Customer Loyalty

Building a customer base that will return again and again is the dream for any business. Here are some tips in creating customer loyalty for long-term sales success.

The Clay With Which to Mold Entrepreneurs

‘WARNING: What I’m going to share with you will probably be offensive and reveal what you have been doing intentionally or not. So if you don’t want to get offended, please stop reading this article right now..

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