$24,910 A Month From Crazy Niches – (#7 Is Shocking!)

$24,910 A Month From Crazy Niches – 10 Blogs Exposed!

this was fun… i went on a top websites for sale site and found some random niche blogs that are for sale with real world results that are making money.

watch these next:

10 Killer Niches That Make Over $1,000 A Month

Find Profitable Niches With Godaddy Auctions And… ?

$100K a year with free traffic???

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

Design Eye-Catching Lapel Pins by Adding Decorative Accents

It’s often the smallest detail that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, and lapel pins are no different. While there are hundreds of options available, adding a little pizzazz to your pin can not only increase the value and appeal of your giveaway, but can turn a plain pin into one that instantly draws the eye of everyone in the room.

Understanding Customer Engagement

Regardless of the platform your business offers and your customer uses, customer engagement can be simply defined as customer and brand interaction via various means of communication. Advertising, whether online, in print, broadcast or any other medium is a primary form of customer engagement. Increasingly, as companies spend more marketing dollars on internet and social media campaigns, advertising is becoming interactive.

How To Gain Back B2B Leads When They Leave

Losing B2B leads may be difficult, but it is just part of the business environment. The challenge here is how to get them back. Read on to learn how to best do it.

Best Internet Marketing Strategies for 2013 Businesses

Will internet marketing aid in producing offline profits? If the real question is hanging over the mind, then the reply is yes. These are the best techniques and methods which you can use to be able to increase your business offline profits. An Online marketing firm will understand how to take advantage of internet marketing techniques and methods to enhance sales offline.

Facebook for Business: Profiles Vs Fan Pages

If you’re trying to decide whether to keep your profile page for your business or migrate to a Facebook Fan Page, we’ve got your answers. Here is a breakdown on why one of these is much better than the other.

‘Beware the Fake Marketer’ – Part Six and Final Part

Beware of the bargain bin Marketing Consultant. Last post I discussed the danger of signing a long-term contract, signing over copyright or pre-paying in full. For this, my last post in this series, I want to discuss the opposite – the marketer who uses bargain prices, rather than skills, to draw you in.

PR and Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

One of the biggest positive changes you can make for your business next year would be to add PR or media relations to your New Year’s marketing strategy. I’m continually surprised at how many business owners or entrepreneurs tend to not even consider public relations when putting together their new year business plan. Some assume it’s too expensive, others that it’s not right for their particular type of business and still others shy away because they find the process confusing and intimating. Do not fear, PR can be fun and it’s critical for a successful business. Everything is marketing.

How to Send Email and Avoid Spam Filters

The first point of a successful email marketing campaign is to get your message delivered. Second is getting the reader to take the intended action. You must take great care in the construction of your email message to ensure delivery to the inbox.

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