$19,071 In Affiliate Sales Without Promotion Or An Audience?

Get Affiliate Sales Without Promotion Or An Audience?

yea marcus you make money cause you have a big list, and lots of viewers, and you have money to promote… what if i have no money to promote or do not have a big audience… well then watch this entire video all the way thru at least one time.

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$100,000 With Free Traffic?

remember: making money online is a business… its not a guarantee… in fact most people trying to earn money online make nothing. make sure you follow all legal requrements and disclosure requirements.

5Ps of Organization Marketing – Packaging

Part two of a step by step model to help you plan and clarify your marketing direction. Each P has a list of questions to consider when you develop your marketing strategy and these will be described in detail.

Marketing As An Investment: Rethinking Marketing For Accounting Firms

One of the challenges of marketing for accountants is to redirect their thinking from considering marketing as an investment not a line item expense. While CPA firms understand their business, it takes a professional marketer to understand the proven tactics and best practices to bring in new clients and retain existing clients. They are two different professional disciplines; while the CPAs of your firm work in your business, careful thought should be given to hiring and designating a marketing pro to meet your goals for revenue growth and profitability.

How To Get More Sales From Your Business To Business Leads

Getting your business leads to purchase can be quite a challenge, especially if your sales representatives are not skilled in gauging when and how to transition from introduction or casual conversation onto actual sales talk. But why is this important?

Understanding Marketing Strategy and Why You Should Have One

A marketing strategy will help your organization to develop the most optimal process, focusing your scarce resources on convertible opportunities. Your goal with a marketing strategy is to increase the total sales your organization achieves within the target customer base and establishing a competitive advantage that’s sustainable.

The Age of Mass Choice “Making Your Marketing Strategy Compatible”

Well this article deals with post customization era that is “Mass Choice” era that has contributed to intense competition within markets between business world wide and most of the times marketing strategies are unable to respond to this harsh competitive environment. What I have presented in this article is an out of the box approach to the whole situation that would certainly help organization to over come these challenges, the article begins with explanation of this new market phenomena, covers its various indicators and variables and than give marketer the tools to tackle the situation in a flexible and more competitive manner.

Why Do We Need Credit Union Brochures?

Credit union brochures are a simple but effective way to showcase your credit union’s products and services to your members. Sure, you can describe them in-person or online, but nothing beats a well-designed and information-packed brochure. They are quick, easy and affordable, plus your members will appreciate having your products and services at the tips of their fingers.

Credit Union Marketing Made Easy

If you work in credit union marketing – or any kind of marketing, for that matter – you’ve no doubt heard the argument that marketing is an art rather than a science. After all, there’s certainly no foolproof, straightforward formula one can follow to guarantee a campaign’s success. Nor is there any accurate predictor to truly gauge how an audience will respond to a marketing initiative or advertisement.

How to Use Your Bank Brochures in Marketing for Banks

As one of the most traditional forms of bank marketing, everyone knows that the point of a bank brochure is to offer more information about a product or service. But what you may not know is that how you use your bank brochures is just as important as having readable content and an eye-catching design. Check out four ways to use your brochures for greater bank marketing success.

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