$102,500,000 For A Blog? Make Money Blogging.

in this video we talk about a recent blog that sold for over $102,500,000!

this is an insane amount of money earned from a guy who started a blog back in 2010 with $50,000 in debt.

thepenyhoarder cracked the code to providing good content and leading the visitors to stuff that makes big money.

at one point i heard they were generating between 37 and 50 million dollars a year in revenue.

Key Points From The Video

$50K in debt
started on a free blogspot
first couple of years was a struggle
started very slow
6 months to first check $100
massive hard work and persistance

Inc 500 Fastest Growing Media Company

$37,000,000 in revenue

Tips To Former Self

Write So People Identify With It

sell your own products

affiliate marketing


diversify revenue streams

1/10th of the content has CTA or direct monetization
Content flow

How To Market Your Martial Arts School

I ran into a lot of problems when I started teaching martial arts seriously and tried to make an income from it. I didn’t see the ‘overview’. My habits were so ingrained that I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Only when I took a step back did I see the many problems.

What Is Your Niche?

Today I want to talk to you about your niche. A niche is a business that targets a very specific group of people with shared interests, passions or desire.

7 Creative Ways To Inject New Life Into Your Marketing Plan

All companies will find themselves at odds with their marketing strategy. This isn’t to say that they are not getting the results they want from the plan. It just seems as though the plan in, and of itself, grows a bit stale and worn. What’s more, all successful companies find that in order to stay on the cutting edge and attract new customers, they need to tweak their marketing approach to appeal to new audiences.

Let Customers Do Your Marketing For You

Sometime it’s hard to sell your own products, but if you have a person that recommend your product and they have a testimony regarding on your product, most likely buyers will catch their attention in order to buy it since some people have a good experience regarding on your product. So, it’s better to have someone who sell/recommend your product to others.

Sound Results In Business

Why podcast? Podcasting offers a highly effective platform to position your brand, build social authority and credibility and above all, connect with your market place. But what are the elements of a successful podcast? This article offers a framework for any business owner who is considering leveraging podcasting to drive business growth.

Basic Ways To Avoid Being A Fraud

In our modern world, we’re threatened by some scam specially for business, So the best things to do is to monitor first the action before we’re going to commit some actions for us to have a safe business life. It is also good to read some articles online about to prevent or to know what are the things to do when we encounter such actions.

Insured Couriers – Know and Go

Have you tried to send something important to your beloved ones? Was it got damaged or lost in the middle? That terrible experience may have made you anxious about the delivery services. Otherwise, it may be the scene that you haven’t even tried a courier due to the terrible reputation of those.

A “Stuck on the Expressway” Marketing Lesson

Use every communication tool to illustrate features and benefits to increase positive impressions from your prospect base. I learned this important lesson while stuck in traffic behind a U-Haul rental truck.

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