$10,000 A Day Helping People Watch The Superbowl Online?

get paid to help people watch football online?

here is a fun little video i made to show you something that other people do not talk about because it makes a lot of cash… YES you can use trends and cpa affiliate offers to profit bigtime.

in this example we will look at the keywords

superbowl online
watch the superbowl
what time is the superbowl
and even how to watch the superbowl

because this is a hot topic it is going to get millions of searches today.

not to mention social media and hashtags and all that.

and using this type of traffic you can profit bigtime with affiliate marketing.

Disclaimer 1 : Results Not Typical, Implied, Or Guaranteed… MOST People Who Try To Make Money Online End Up Making NOTHING. Some Even Lose Money

Disclaimer 2 : Do Not Use Trademarked Terms In A Non Ethical Way… Instead Of “Watch Superbowl” You Can Use “watch todays game” or “watch the football game” or even broad match “how to watch the game today” or something like that… DO NOT USE TRADEMARK TERMS – This Video Is About The Trending Concept.

please note ppc can be very risky and the purpose of this video is to illistrate a point of how affiliate marketing and trends work… NOT to tell you to set up a football site with trademarked terms lol

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